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MICROSYSTEMES focus in the development of complex systems were time plays a critical role.

MICROSYSTEMES provides solutions based on:

A complete line of COTS products

The capability to design specific equipment or system on user's requirements.

The knowledge of client's markets and applications

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DSEi is the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition. DSEi provides a time-effective opportunity to meet the whole defence and security supply chain and to see our company's full capabilities.

MICROSYSTEMES Announces new multi-protocol Time Code Displays
ESA-SOYOUZ at Guyana Space Center
At the end of 2011, a Soyuz launcher will take off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. This will be an historic event as it will be the first time that a Soyuz launcher lifts off from a spaceport other than Baikonur or Plesetsk. It will also be a milestone in the strategic cooperation that exists between Europe and Russia in the launcher's sector.
Microsystemes has been selected to provide the synchronisation system and the CRE gateways of the Soyouz launch site.

DCNS- FREMM . Microsystemes is responsible for the master clock reference and on board NTP servers of the navigation/combat system of the DCNS Multi-Mission Figates.

The Vega programme has been developed and is being financed by the European Space Agency (ESA).Arianespace will be operating the Vega launch complex (ELV).

The system is based on a TimeLink6U rack for TU and TD generation

News ! MICROSYSTEMES Announces TIB1000 Flexible GPS disciplined time code generator for industrial applications and TLP5000 portable Rubidium clock

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